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    An Underwriters Laboratory Certified Central Station.

    Automatically generated Daily activity reports.

    We Exceed Underwriters Laboratory and Department of Defense Requirements for Central Stations.

    AlarmNet Alarm products.

    On-line account editing and Edit-by-fax and Edit-by-email services.

    MAStermind Monitoring Platform.

Back-up sheet                                     Volume Discounts!

                                    Detailed Billing.

                                    Wide range of signal formats, 4+2, SIA, Contact-ID,                                         Radionics, 3+1, BFSK, 2-Way Voice, and more.

                                    Automatic e-mailed High Usage Alerts.

                                    Free Access to Secure Dealer Website.

                                    On-demand history reports.

On-line Message File     Free master listing of your accounts.

    Automatic Daily, Weekly or Monthly E-mail Reports sent direct to your client.

    Real time signal tape display.

    Integrated central station messaging system, get your messages when you need them.

    Automatically generated Weekly Exception/errors reports.

    Telephone answering available in your companies name.

    Highly Experienced Operators.

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