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Are You Looking for a Better Monitoring Station?
Then Look No Further!!

        We are family owned and operated and have been in business for over 30 years. Alarm Monitoring Cooperative, Inc. was one of the first companies to use a fully automated alarm processing platform in the world, and we have continued to move forward in the alarm monitoring industry by upgrading to the MAStermind Monitoring platform.

        Our professional dispatch staff of career operators covering three shifts, the majority of whom have over fifteen years of emergency response and customer service experience. We are also staffed with an in-house Engineer, an IT support team and highly skilled Editing Department who are ready to assist you with any panel programming needs you may have.

        Our Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed Central Station actually EXCEEDS U.L. requirements for Security and Safety with multiple UPS systems, a dual-fuel Backup Generator, Backup Batteries for all Receivers, and a whole building UPS system.

        Our custom designed facility is fully self contained and is housed in a secure building with Vault doors, Mantraps and we even protected the dispatch area behind bullet proof glass. Our disaster plans include supplies to support and maintain our staff for up to three weeks without external resupply. Our Accounts and Client database are also protected by triple redundant servers and even a remotely located secondary central station.

        Our dealers have access to a Secure Website where you can access your client's messages, watch your alarm activity LIVE on our suspense board, run on-demand history reports or backup reports and review live receiver tape via our custom WebSafe application!

        Each week our servers create an automatic quick-list of your accounts in our database, detailing each account's monitoring status and then every quarter a complete Master Backup Listing of your accounts, listing every detail, zone and phone number for each account, is generated in a PDF format and dropped to your Alarm Company web folder.

        We even provide 800 Numbers on both Voice & Receiver Lines for your Long Distance Customers!

And much more!

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