Home Services Join the Cooperative Contact Us Back to Contacts > Contact Details       In the mid 60’s, Mr. Sim Eagleson was involved in the radio communications servicing business. Then in the early 70’s he became the Chief Engineer for WSBB in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
      Next, in mid 1972, Mr. Eagleson joined Adcor Electronics in Atlanta, GA. While at Adcor, he built specialized test equipment, designed several alarm receiver interface products and wrote program code for the company’s product line.
      In the early 1980’s, while still at Adcor, Alarm Monitoring Cooperative, Inc (AMC) contracted Mr. Eagleson to make an interface system to interface its alarm receiving equipment. This allowed AMC to become one of the first automated central station systems in Atlanta. Mr. Eagleson was hired full time by AMC in mid 1985.
      Mr. Eagleson maintains the current receivers and cental station equipment, and tests the next generation of monitoring equipment working out any manufacturing problems before allowing the equipment to go on line.
      Mr. Eagleson holds a certificate in Electronics Technology from Cleveland Institute of Electronics and a First Class Radiotelephone Operator License. While at Adcor he received a certificate in Motivational Management Training and completed several Motorola Microprocessor Training seminars.
      Mr. Eagleson resides with his wife, Amorlina and son attending high school in Lawrenceville, Ga. Mr. Eagleson’s hobbies include building new circuits mostly related to security, microprocessors, specialized battery chargers, experimental sensors and flying/building ultra-small electric powered radio control aircraft. Mr. Eagleson and his son enjoy watching NASCAR races on ESPN and launching model rockets.

Mr. Sim Eagleson
        Project Engineer

        770-564-4826 x 107
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